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Resume Writing Software Review

Why Buy Resume Writing Software?

With a variety of online resources to help you write a decent resume, you may find yourself asking why you should use resume writing software. The best resume builders do so much more than simply help you organize your resume. These programs have advanced capabilities that offer expert advice, career-building tools and innovative networking opportunities. Aside from these advanced features, resume makers, at the very least, help you build an organized, professional-looking resume that makes you stand out to employers and hiring managers.

Out of all the resume builder software on the market, we reviewed the best programs and compared them to each other. We found that Resume Maker Professional Deluxe, WinWay Resume Deluxe and Pongo Resume Builder are the best resume makers available. To learn more about resume building and career advice, check out our articles on resume writing software.

Resume Writing Software: What to Look For

While you look for the best resume builder for you, pay attention to whether a program can also give you solid career advice and the tools to reach a large audience. Whether you are new to the career field you're applying to or have years of experience, resume software can help you find the right job. We used the following criteria to evaluate resume writing software:

Editing & Organizational Tools
All resume writing software should include some basic editing tools to make sure your resume has a professional appearance. Look for programs that offer basic tools, such as a spell-checker and thesaurus, as nothing makes an employer overlook a resume like misspellings and repetitive language. The best resume software includes an auditor feature to look over your resume once you complete it, to make sure it is a solid document before you send it out to hiring managers.

Look for resume builders that can create a chronological, functional or combination resume based on your experience. Chronological resumes are best for individuals with years of uninterrupted work experience. Functional resumes highlight skill sets over work experience, so they lend themselves well to entry-level applicants or individuals with gaps in their work history. Combination resumes use the best aspects of both chronological and functional resumes.

Social Networking
Today, more and more employers use social media as a resource to find people who both meet their criteria and look like they'd fit in with their companies. Look for resume writing software that takes advantage of this by linking your resume to your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Career Tools & Resources
The best resume makers go above and beyond by offering career-building tools and resources to make sure you are prepared to enter the workforce, switch jobs or change career fields. Look for programs that have job and salary search functions so you can find a good job and negotiate your salary based on the pay for similar jobs in your area.

If you're worried about how you'll perform in an interview, look for a program that offers video interview tips to help you prepare solid responses. You can also find programs that offer expert advice on your resume to help you work on or review your work. Some programs offer a smartphone app to give you immediate access to edit, review and send out your resume to potential employers.

Import & Export Features
While you're looking for resume writing software, look for programs that allow you to import your existing resumes so you don't have to start from scratch. You'll also want to make sure the program can email your resume directly from the program, or even help you fill out online application forms, which many jobs require. The program should also allow you to download your resume as a Word or PDF file.

Help & Support
In case you run into any trouble while using a resume program, make sure customer support is readily available over email or a live chat service. Also make sure the program offers a user guide and FAQs page to help you find solutions to small problems. If you're hesitant about purchasing a resume builder, look for programs that offer a free trial period for at least a few days so you can test out the capabilities and functions.

Resume writing software helps you create and organize an eye-catching resume. The best resume writing software offers social media integration and career-building tools to give you the best opportunity to find the right job for you.