ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 18 Review


PROS / This software can help you write a winning resume and land a job with search services, interview practice and career advice.

CONS / Minor issues arise when you import existing resumes from Microsoft Word documents, PDFs or HTML forms.

VERDICT / This software is a complete solution to polishing your resume, cover letter and interview skills so you can find an ideal job.

ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe is an all-in-one solution that will help you find a great job that suits your skills, experience and career goals. The software comes with 1,250 sample resumes and 200 sample cover letters that show you how a winning job-seeking package should look. With this resume writing software, you can import an existing resume or create a new one with a wizard-style tool. Then, choose among dozens of templates to find an ideal style and format.

ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 18

This resume writing software also has tools to help you create a cover letter, follow-up letter and more. Then, you can sharpen your interview skills by practicing giving answers to 500 questions and watching helpful videos. ResumeMaker Professional doesn't leave you stranded with a pile of documents and nowhere to go, however. It also acts as a job-seeking tool and professional contact organizer. A comprehensive set of features and practical usability make ResumeMaker Professional our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

Editing & Organizational Tools

ResumeMaker Professional includes a variety of easy-to-use features such as a spell checker, a thesaurus, an Automatic Resume Examiner and Shrink to Fit, which formats your resume to fit on one page. ResumeMaker Professional makes writing a resume easy while helping you achieve a professional result. Hundreds of professionally crafted resume templates are available, and you can mix and match their elements to find a format that's ideal for your job search. On that note, this software will help you with that job search by interacting seamlessly with online services such as LinkedIn and Regardless of the number of jobs you are researching, this tool keeps all your information organized and readily accessible.

ResumeMaker Professional allows you to create resumes in five different ways. You can start with a professional sample and input your information one section at a time. Alternatively, you can create a resume from scratch using the creation wizard or the quick and easy wizard. You can choose to get helpful advice by video, dialog box or both during each step of this process. Finally, you can import your existing resume or make changes to one you've already created, and then fill out a step-by-step guide and choose a style. When you’re done filling in your information, you'll see a preview of your resume. If you don’t like what shows up in a particular box, all you have to do is go back to the section and fix your mistake. Do this by clicking an editing box that appears to the left of each section. We were impressed by how easy the process of writing a resume is with this tool, considering the multiple capabilities of this resume writing software.

The sample resumes that come along with ResumeMaker Professional aren’t just your basic frameworks with text you can delete and replace with your own; they’re complete resumes created by professional writers. You can choose among 150,000 resume phrases, so are sure to find something fitting for your career. These phrases are the type that can move your resume from your prospective employer's discard pile to his interview pile, even if you don't have new education or experiences to add. Automatic Resume Examiner completes this trio of outstanding functions. It checks for important items in your resume, such as capitalized employer names, and provides a report with recommended changes.

The next step with ResumeMaker Professional is a U.S. & international job search powered by Simply Hired. This tool searches 80 job sites, 50,000 corporate sites and classified ads to find the job that meets your criteria. You can do all that looking with just one click. Another feature, Job Feeder, works as an icon on your computer desktop. It continuously feeds you new jobs that fit your pre-selected criteria as soon as those jobs are posted.

ResumeMaker Professional includes job networking features. You can use your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles to help in your hunt for the ideal career. You can post your resume on your Facebook wall, for example, to get the word out to all your friends and professional contacts. You can see jobs available exclusively on LinkedIn directly through this resume writing software too.

Tips and videos accompany each step of your job search process. One feature that will calm your nerves and prepare you for a face-to-face meeting is Virtual Interview. In this portal, you can watch 25 videos of actual interview questions and give your own responses. You can also get tips on networking, using the internet and much more. ResumeMaker Professional is more than software for writing a resume. It's a virtual career placement and support service.

ResumeMaker Professional enhances its usefulness by including a salary comparison feature. Never again will you wonder if you are underpaid. The software lets you search by state and career to see how much your peers are making. You can also search for this data in Canada. If the job you're considering would require you to move, there is a feature that will help you figure out the cost of living in your prospective location. Furthermore, you can create targeted mailing lists, store information for interviews and upload company profiles in the ResumeMaker Professional interface.

Career Tools & Resources

Installation of ResumeMaker Professional is quick and easy. The interface is unobtrusive but appealing. Once you start working, you will find that navigation is quick and easy. Creating a resume from an existing document took us about 10 minutes, and creating one from scratch took less than half an hour. In both cases, the result was a clear and concise document that was ready to print and send off. Fortunately, you can save as many resumes as you want. This will allow you to create a handful of resumes suited for different jobs. From there, you can tinker endlessly to send a fitting resume to every company you're considering.

The process of importing a resume you created using other programs is relatively simple but comes with a few problems. This software won't recognize some of the information from your existing resume, so you might have to add information such as dates post import. We found that when a word is excluded, it’s often because it doesn't come from a sentence. There is no quick fix to this problem, but adding your dates and other information later is simple.

Import & Export Features

ResumeMaker Professional includes all the editing and formatting tools you will need to write a resume flawlessly, including a thesaurus so you can find synonyms in a pinch.

You can easily make chronological resumes and functional resumes. You can also customize your resume to match the job level for which you're applying (i.e. entry level, graduate, professional, etc.). To help you get just the right look, this resume writing software offers 155 formats and even more fonts. Mix and match to create something unique.

Social Networking

ResumeMaker Professional offers a variety of help and support options through online services such as email. It also has an extensive help section, accessible from the interface. Despite the existence of this outstanding feature, we were pleased to find that we didn't need it. The intuitive nature of this software and the many helpful tips it automatically provides were sufficient for every action we completed in our tests of the application.


ResumeMaker Professional is resume-making software with enough extra features and resources to make it a full-fledged job search tool. We highly recommend ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe if you have little experience with resumes and interviews or if you're job-search skills have gotten rusty due to long-term employment with a single company or time spent outside the workforce. With expert advice, good social networking options, practice interviews and many other features, this software is a sound investment. Its low purchase price will be made up in the first day of your new job.

ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 18